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VTTM reviews Saw (PC)

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VTTM said...

A really, really good version of the movie series now in game version. The ambient is an asylum and the corridors and rooms are as dark and nasty as they should be in any survival horror game, plus the twisted and gore added by the fact that it is... SAW! You really immerse in the story and feel the vibe of the place and the games. The greatest thing here, for me, is that it is a completely intuitive and easy-playing game, which makes it enjoyable and fast. Of course there are a couple of difficult parts and one particularly difficult near the end, but nothing that can't be solved by the fifth try. The really upsetting thing is that it's simply impossible to fight and defeat enemies using all the weapons the game offers. Most of the time you'll really let go of a weapon to use your fists, but that's all. I don't agree with all the critics about how terrible the fighting control is, you just gotta use your fists and keep the angle static - if the angle control was similar to "Tomb Raider: Underworld", then I would agree: it would be unbearable to play.)

Game Traits applied to Saw (PC) by VTTM

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  • General Tone:
    dark and violent

Saw (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date:
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